High SchoolsLocationGrade SpanCareer Academies
Burke Middle & High SchoolCharleston, SC 294037-12Engineering, Culinary, Business, Computer Science, Health Professions
Charleston Charter School for Math and ScienceCharleston, SC 294036-12
James Island Charter High SchoolCharleston, SC 294129-12(International Baccalaureate)
Pattison's Academy for Comprehensive EducationCharleston, SC 29414K-12
West Ashley High SchoolCharleston, SC 294149-12Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Health Professions
Baptist Hill High SchoolHollywood, SC 294496-12Business & IT
St. Johns High SchoolJohns Island, SC 294559-12Hospitality & Tourism, Computer Science
Wando High SchoolMt. Pleasant, SC 294669-12School of Math, Science and Engineering, Transportation and Logistics, Business & IT, Health and Human Services, Arts and Humanities
Academic Magnet High SchoolNorth Charleston, SC 294059-12Computer Science
(Magnet School)
Charleston County School of the ArtsNorth Charleston, SC 294056-12Arts
Garrett Academy of TechnologyNorth Charleston, SC 294059-12 Health Professions
(Magnet School)
Greg Mathis Charter High SchoolNorth Charleston, SC 294059-12
Military Magnet AcademyNorth Charleston, SC 294056-12Culinary, Computer Science
North Charleston High SchoolNorth Charleston, SC 294059-12Engineering, Law Enforcement, Graphic Design, Business, Culinary, Health Professions
R.B. Stall High School North Charleston, SC 294189-12Engineering, Business and Marketing, Health Professions
Early College High SchoolCharleston, SC 29403 9 - 11
Lucy Garrett Beckham High SchoolMt. Pleasant, SC 294649-12