• All school-aged children are required to be enrolled in a school, either public, private or home school
  • Schools are funded by property taxes, administered by District Superintendents and governed by trustees elected by the general electorate to serve on their respective district school board. School boards approve budgets, school year calendars and bell times
  • Elementary school is Kindergarten through 5th grade (typically ages 5-11); Middle School is 6th-8th grade (typically ages 11-14); high school is 9th-12th grade (typically ages 14-18)
  • There is no cost to attend public school, although there is often an annual activity and/or book fee (typically < $50). Bus transportation is provided for students who live more than 1.5 miles from their school. Lunch cost is covered for students whose families meet federal economic criteria
  • Students are zoned to attend certain schools based on their primary residence location.
    Families can petition their Constituent School Board for a waiver to attend a school in another zone under certain circumstances
  • Students with special needs (physical, emotional or learning disabilities) are provided supportive services at no charge