By: Mansi Patel

In Charleston, I can fulfill my passion for healthcare research. Originally from India, I moved to the United States in 2015 to further my studies in Biological Sciences. I initially stayed in NYC for a month and then moved to Georgia to continue my studies because New York was expensive and overwhelming. I graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University with Bachelor’s in Biology.

I moved to Charleston in search of a good job and Vikor Scientific hired me as a Specimen Processor and then promoted me to Molecular Lab Aide, giving me my first footsteps in the healthcare industry! As a Lab Aide, I perform extraction and snipping techniques on COVID-19 samples, prepare all associated solutions and reagents required for testing, washing and sterilizing equipment, and maintain an organized working environment in the lab.

Vikor has a clear mission and values and offers great leadership opportunities. The company focuses on employee growth through mentorships and training programs that helps employees develop their skills and knowledge.

I always wanted to move to Charleston because of its rich history, career opportunities and entrepreneurial spirit. I never get bored because of the foodie culture, amazing art and music activities, and everything is easily accessible, so I don’t have to waste time travelling just to hangout or have fun. I often visit India to see my parents and now I can be at the airport in 15 minutes!

It was very easy for me to adapt to Charleston because I was able to find a Hindu temple near my house where I can gather with people and create new bonds. We celebrate festivals together and participate in various community activities such as attending yoga session every Sunday, which helps me to stay motivated.

I love where I live because of the combination of stunning natural beauty and world-class parks and trails. I can go to the beach or paragliding whenever I want because it is so close to my house and very affordable. I can also go for a walk/jog on the Ravenel Bridge and watch the sun set and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Overall, Charleston is the land of opportunities for residents and immigrants alike.