By Brittany Fournet

I wanted a career where I felt like I was making a difference for the environment, and Charleston has given me the chance to do that. At GEL, I support various groups within our engineering department, including Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, and Permitting and Compliance, and I help with a variety of projects: dredge permits, asbestos inspections, environmental site assessments, and more. I enjoy working on something different every day, from working on air monitoring for an asbestos renovation of a historic building, to putting together a dredging application permit.

I came to Charleston in 2013 as a graduate student, fell in love with the community and didn’t want to leave. There are always new restaurants and breweries to try, great beaches to explore, and fun events to experience.

There are a lot of great companies hiring in Charleston and business in Charleston really seems to be thriving. I enjoy working for a mid-size company like GEL, because I have really gotten to know my co-workers, and I don’t feel lost in a sea of faces. I’m able to turn to my co-workers for advice and mentorship, which is helping me to succeed in my career.